Monday, March 6, 2017

Configure Auto-updating Linux Host

  1. Fully setup a free account. You must perform all the steps for your hostname to be fully visible.
  2. Grab the script from here:
  3. The sample config file there is also a must have. Note the double quotes around the values (these are a must)!
  4. Ignore the readme.... change the four values in the sample config file only. Especially note that the loginname used for the updating is the email address used to setup the account not the actual account name you used.
  5. Follow instructions at above URL for creating one of the example crontab entries to keep your noip account in good standing.
  6. Updating once a day is adequate for my ISP and my limited needs.
      That is all!

Follow up: I never could get the above script to work as advertised (on auto-pilot & no manual intervention ever needed). So I abandoned this stuff and when I get the email every 30 days I manually update the free account. This means checking "whatismyip" against what the free noip account has and updating manually if needed.