Tuesday, May 18, 2021

Standard Clamptite Tool Homebrew Upgrade

 Make your bottom of the line clamptite tool (Link here) as functional as the one that costs more than twice (Link here) as much for practically free! Of course I won't argue with anyone that has the money to pay for that much nicer premium model tool. I just don't think it is forty dollars nicer is all!



Materials: Some scrap handrail dowel rod ( About 1-1/2" diameter piece about three inches long).

Tools required:

  • Backsaw, 5/16" drill bit to make the central hole.
  • Xacto knife.
  •  Standard Clamptite Tool CLT05.
  •  Optional ... Drill press (makes drilling more accurate than hand drill).


  • Drill  5/16" hole in center of your dowel deep enough to accommodate the  fully tightened exposed length of the clamptite tools central screw.
  • Cut a 3/16" slot across the open end that you drilled into to accomodate the wing nut's "wings". This will need to be about 1/2" deep measured from the end of the dowel.
  • Use your Exacto knife to clearance the opening of the hole at the end so that the tapped part of the wing nut can go more fully into your new handle.
  • Now for strength you can use your clamptite tool to reinforce the business end of the handle to resist splitting when you are really tightening something very tight as I needed to recently. I resorted to using pliers on the wing nut which of course was quite awkward and burred up both the nut and the threads of my clamptite tool. This is how I got the idea for making this project.

Finished Handle?


Extra Credit?

I may drill across the grain on the opposite end for an appropriately sized t-handle dowel rod on the other end and put another clamptite clamp on that end to resist splitting. If I wind up doing that I will probably cover the whole handle with gorilla tape or something so those wire tips won't be able to bite me when I use the handle. I will put photos on here if I wind up doing any of that.

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Restarting crashed cairo-dock processes with gksu script

 From time to time it becomes necessary to restart cairo-dock process on my lxde desktop (lubuntu 16.04). Here is how I created a shell script driven desktop shortcut to accomplish that. 

$ cat restartDock.sh 


killall cairo-dock 2> /tmp/tim1
killall cairo-dock-launcher-API-daemon 2> /tmp/tim2

gksu -u tim -S "bash -c 'cairo-dock -c 2>&1 | tee  /tmp/cairodoc.log '" &

12/19/2020 The other day I discovered this is inadequate and does not work in some circumstances. I did not document it when it occurred so it will have to wait until the next occurrence in order to put up a revision to address the deficiency. Sorry.

Friday, October 2, 2020

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Useful android spells...

  1. List your usb connected devices.

$ adb devices

List of devices attached
ZY225CWBFX             device


   adb devices -l

List of devices attached
ZY225CWBFX             device usb:1-1.1 product:payton_fi model:moto_x4 device:payton_sprout

 2. List focused app package name:

adb shell dumpsys window windows | grep -E 'mFocusedApp'| cut -d / -f 1 | cut -d " " -f 7

Useful for creating a list of frequently used apps. Allowing you to recognize what is putting something unusual up on your phone and maybe head off a problem. I created this list with the above command and a bit of vi editing...

com.google.android.apps.messaging       - text messaging

com.android.chrome                      - standard android web browser

com.google.android.apps.magazines       - googles maddening "news" feed

com.google.android.keep                 - google note taker

com.google.android.dialer               - manual dialer (call blocking)

com.motorola.camera2                    - camera UI

com.google.android.googlequicksearchbox - weather?

com.google.android.gm                   - gmail 

com.google.android.calendar             - google calendar

com.google.android.projection.gearhead  - android auto UI

com.google.android.contacts             - contacts app

com.android.settings                    - settings

com.android.vending                     - android play store

us.zoom.videomeetings                   - zoom meetings

com.motorola.launcher3                  - normal desktop launcher

Saturday, August 1, 2020

Another reason to hate windows

Periodically our printing gets shutdown (disabled) by windows based print jobs. When this happens here is how you fix it. 

1. Go to printers on the linux server
2. select the printer giving trouble
3. click on "policies"
4. Make sure the three states are check-marked.

Typically the enabled check mark will be missing most likely due to some ancient flaky code in windows or the printer vendor's equally flaky driver code that disables the printer after the print job commences since windows ancient legacy history is non-multi user and there are still tons of that crap waiting to bite the unsuspecting user of that gosh awful mess.

Note the above screen shot is from a Lubuntu 16.04 server I use for all my printing, you mileage may vary of course. Also note that I use Mobility Print to provide all my home printing as it is much better than trying to figure out where Microsoft is going to hide the print spooler next and bonus support for mobile/MAC devices too! I initially thought I had found a bug in this Google Cloud Print replacement product but no it was the same old familiar windows flaw striking again after a few months without any hiccups.