Saturday, January 16, 2016

Revised home brew remote added full virtual keyboard input for Roku context

While in there I deleted all the old native Android app panels and all the old graphics files.  I color coded the backgrounds of all the higher level menus with a distinctive color scheme. Here are the new panels in sequence...
Main startup panel - Easy adjustment of three inputs: Chromecast, Roku or Cable TV. These input adjustments are the three button icons closest to the center of the above panel. The three graphical buttons in the right gutter give more specific control abilities relating to each of: Roku, Cable and the Vizio TV itself.
 * 2nd level panel
Accessed by clicking on the tiny Roku Remote icon on first screen. Recently added a soft boot button (with mixed results). Now you can click (or touch on touch devices the tiny keyboard in the lower left corner for my new three fold keyboard entry panels. These panels are far easier to use than the clumsy on TV screen keyboard that must be manipulated with the clumsy roku remote interface above.
Up arrow to acess the upper case panel that is the next in sequence.
Now you can return to lower case panel with down arrow button or proceed to the final special character panel (press or click up arrow) for remaining special characters and my shamelessly adopted logo.
Again up arrow to return to upper case panel and down arrow to return to the lower case panel. All three panels allow click or touch of "Cancel" to return to the main Roku remote emulating panel.
 * 2nd level panel
Click or touch the tiny Suddenlink logo on the main panel to access the cable controls including my nifty CC button to easily turn closed captions on or off. Click or touch "main" to go back to main panel on any second level panel (marked with * above and below).
 * 2nd level panel
This panel is sadly not functional yet as most of these buttons can't be learned by my Itach WF2IP infrared control gadget. I will soon have a new IR learner device with which I hope to finish out this panel so that all of it works correctly.

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