Wednesday, May 8, 2019

Get control of your cellular data usage for savings and better utilization of carrier services

Steps to Cellular Data Savings

  • Get an unlocked decent cell phone that meets your needs
  • Get a sim card for one of the top three * (pay for what you need only) providers:
Google Fi 
Consumer Cellular
Ting (one I use)
  • Read and follow these free and mostly comprehensive recommendations from Ting...
Ting cut your data free e-book

Do more with your smartphone without paying more for mobile data

How to save data – Six tips to save data and money

Six (more) simple tips to save money on smartphone mobile data

All those links are pretty much generic to any provider even though they are thoughtfully provided by Ting. Yes it is a lot to take in but we live in a complex world don't we.

* per Consumer Reports