Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Saturday, February 6, 2016

New remote UI tweaks

I rearranged the buttons on the main panel to make it more usable. I removed a few old unused buttons to allow the music and ads buttons to be better described with some custom buttons I designed. Also add the roku >> (forward) button to be accessed in a convenient place on the main panel now for skipping undesired music tracks when using Roku fill music while watching the ever annoying commercial TV ads. This allowed more room at the screen bottom to come up with a more pleasing arrangement of the main AVR volume keys and the two keys for toggling to either the cinema or music profiles on the AVR.
Revised buttons are now labeled "TV Audio" and "Roku Audio" respectively so as not to be confused with existing "Music" button in the same screen panel section. "TV Audio" reverts to the regular cable TV audio. Only downside is we have to manually mute the actual TV Audio when listening to the Roku Audio channel since the TV will still only receive the cable tv audio input. I may change the semantics of the Roku Audio button to mute the TV audio channel and the "TV audio" button to unmute the same to resume normal TV listening. My AVR tends to overheat or overload and the circuit protection kicks in which disables the AVR outputs completely during loud sequences in audio content (gunfights and action movie explosions etc). We have resorted to using the built in TV speakers more since revamping the system with the new cabinet and Vizio TV (sigh). I may be installing dedicated cooling fan to address the overheating issues with the new cabinet.