Thursday, September 17, 2015

R100GS Repairs

1.  Hendersen Precision rebuilt the existing broken drive shaft (also sold me a used front yoke to replace the one that failed and was destroyed in the process). Saved $300+ over price of new BMW driveshaft.  Then the bike languished for about 5 years waiting for me to get motivated to finish the following stuff...

2. I installed new Rubber Chicken Racing Garage bronze paralever bushing kit.

3. New paralever rubber bellows fore and aft BMW dealer items.

4. Replaced stock rear strut with lightly used R100RS item sourced from a private individual to lower the rear suspension ($100).

5. Installed bar back kit sourced on Amazon to allow dropping the front forks approximately one inch ($50). Now I can comfortably flat foot the bike from the stock seat. This lowering also allows the paralever to run at a more relaxed angle (flatter) than stock which should improve driveshaft life expectancy.

6. Installed a shorter R100rs monoshock centerstand to once again allow mere mortals to put bike on the centerstand. Sourced from MAX BMW via Ebay.

7. New undersized AGM moto battery sourced from WalMart.

8. New Avon Roadrider rear tire installed (useless tube removed from old tire). Had to find a tubeless style valve stem from NAPA store around the corner.

9. New signal flasher unit sourced from NAPA store around the corner installed.

10. Installed EZA-3 electronic ignition from Ulis Motorradladen. This also required the following...

11. Installed Dyna-CoilDC1-1 (3 ohm)  and mounting bracket for same from Euro Motoelectrics. Only downside to this is the electronic factory tach is no longer working. I guess it should hook into the primary circuit of the coil but I am not sure it is compatible with the new system. Anyway the darn thing is so small and hard to read as to be nearly useless . Ergo, I really don't care about this at all. Also...

12. Had to create a shim for the front cover so that it would clear the newly extended alternator brush terminals. Details Here

Budget Overrun Info:

Drive shaft repair                                          $500.00
Paralever bushing kit (current price)           $139.00
DOT 4 brake fluid                                              $5.33
Monoshock airhead centerstand w/shipping $70.99
State inspection                                               $7.00
Turn signal flasher                                         $14.93
Registration                                                    $50.92
Handlebar riser                                               $49.99
6mm-1.0 x 50mm allen socket head bolts     $14.15
EZA-3 ignition system                                   $250.71
3 ohm Dyna coil                                             $103.69
Paralever clamp + centerstand pieces           $41.90
Avon roadrider 130/80-17 rear tire                $113.65
Silicone Spray                                                    $5.94
R100RS monoshock rear strut (used)           $100.00
Miscellaneous                                                $100.00
Approximate Total                                       $1568.20
+ My Time                                                   (priceless)