Tuesday, June 30, 2015

6v R60 headlight info

1st upgrade: 6V CP48871 60/55W H4 halogen bulbs (1600/1000 lumens, 3150/3100°K color)

LED upgrade: 6V-36V 2000 Lumens 18W Motorcycle Headlight Lamp Bulb H4 PH7 PH11 Adaptor Led Light Color Temperature: 6000k-6500k (very close to daylight range our eyes are best at utilizing). Found and purchased on Ebay (~$24 with shipping) (google or flea bay search for some of the above)

Noticeably brighter than halogen light to observer. This one works on stock six volts very well and does not rely on generator being spun up to get brighter like the halogen upgrade it replaced. Claimed 50,000 hour life (should last me a lifetime). I can carry the old halogen in my toolbox for an emergency spare as I adapted the wiring harness to plug into the original three prong female plug for easy roadside replacement if necessary. I am thrilled to have an additional 400 Lumens of visibility on tap to get the attention of distracted automobile operators. Don’t have to sit at the light and rev the engine to maintain a bright headlight is a very nice bonus also. The cooling fan is so quiet that you can barely perceive the sound of the motor by placing your ear firmly on the headlight bucket too.

Not sure if the light pattern with this new bulb is consistent with the H4 halogen envelope it replaced. This is not a real big deal for me as this is mostly a day time use vehicle. I haven’t tried it on the highway at night yet either. Not sure if I will have issues with state safety inspection either. In the past I’ve never seen them do anything beyond making sure I can swap the beams from the riding position on the bike so I may be fine on this.

State safety inspection went off smoothly no questions or problems. If it looks stock it is stock as far as they care apparently.

Installation notes: The largest adapter ring at the bottom of the image must be used in the H4 reflector for the classic BMW application. You can discard the spring and the other three adapters. The green wire is the negative ground connection. Not really clear which of the other two is low/high beam mine wound up reversed against my original 1966 BMW handlebar switch when I used the blue wire as highbeam (I think). I may go back in and swap them later if I decide it is desirable or needed.