Friday, October 2, 2020

I am the greatest

 A few of my famous relatives:



Thursday, September 3, 2020

Useful android spells...

  1. List your usb connected devices.

$ adb devices

List of devices attached
ZY225CWBFX             device


   adb devices -l

List of devices attached
ZY225CWBFX             device usb:1-1.1 product:payton_fi model:moto_x4 device:payton_sprout

 2. List focused app package name:

adb shell dumpsys window windows | grep -E 'mFocusedApp'| cut -d / -f 1 | cut -d " " -f 7

Useful for creating a list of frequently used apps. Allowing you to recognize what is putting something unusual up on your phone and maybe head off a problem. I created this list with the above command and a bit of vi editing...       - text messaging                      - standard android web browser       - googles maddening "news" feed                 - google note taker               - manual dialer (call blocking)

com.motorola.camera2                    - camera UI - weather?                   - gmail             - google calendar  - android auto UI             - contacts app                    - settings                     - android play store

us.zoom.videomeetings                   - zoom meetings

com.motorola.launcher3                  - normal desktop launcher


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Another reason to hate windows

Periodically our printing gets shutdown (disabled) by windows based print jobs. When this happens here is how you fix it. 

1. Go to printers on the linux server
2. select the printer giving trouble
3. click on "policies"
4. Make sure the three states are check-marked.

Typically the enabled check mark will be missing most likely due to some ancient flaky code in windows or the printer vendor's equally flaky driver code that disables the printer after the print job commences since windows ancient legacy history is non-multi user and there are still tons of that crap waiting to bite the unsuspecting user of that gosh awful mess.

Note the above screen shot is from a Lubuntu 16.04 server I use for all my printing, you mileage may vary of course. Also note that I use Mobility Print to provide all my home printing as it is much better than trying to figure out where Microsoft is going to hide the print spooler next and bonus support for mobile/MAC devices too! I initially thought I had found a bug in this Google Cloud Print replacement product but no it was the same old familiar windows flaw striking again after a few months without any hiccups.

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Unable to connect laptop via wifi after install completes on lubuntu 20.04LTS

Borrowed from a post on originally written for lubuntu19.04 but works for new 20.04 LTS also...
NOTE: you will need a android phone that supports tethering effectively!

Though its been long and many years since this question is posted, yet i find it meaningful to add my experience of facing the same issue with latest lubuntu version ie. 19.04. After installing lubuntu 19.04, i noticed there is no way to configure wifi connection. Network manager was not listed. There were some of posts which points to download and install driver, but how exactly you can download driver when you dont have internet connection at all. At last i followed below steps which helped me to get rid of problem-
  1. You have to provide internet connection to your system in some way. Either use lan cable to connect to broadband modem or use your smart phone's internet.
  2. I used my android phone. connected through usb cable to my laptop. After connection go to cell phone -- settings --> Network & Internet --> Hotspot and Tethering --> USB Tethering. Turn it on.
  3. As soon as I turned it on, my laptop running on lubuntu started displaying available wifi networks. i could then connect to my wifi network (it just demanded for wifi password). Lubuntu was using the network support from android device tethering. The problem is not yet solved! If you disconnect your cell phone or switch off tethering, lubuntu laptop will again loose the internet. So you need to install the drivers now to resolve it permanently.
  4. In your Lubuntu go to Start --> Preferences --> Additional Drivers . Enter you password if asked for. It will open Software Sources. Go to 'Ubuntu Software' tab. Make sure all options are checked. Source code you can ignore. Next when you click 'close', it will prompt to upgrade the outdated drivers. Click ok and continue. Let system install new drivers. Let it complete.
  5. After completion of driver downloads, go to Preferences. You should see Advance Network Configuration' available now. You can disconnect your cell phone now! Internet would continue working fine on you lubuntu system.

1. Several typos corrected from original( version.
2. In my reflashed chromebook application the step four above did nothing as there never were any windows style drivers for this device. What fixed the wifi was the update process from the version installed to current patch level I believe.

Hope it helps!

Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Dad's WW2 Halftrack crew names and etc...

Picture below is from winter training maneuvers prior to deployment after D-day invasion.
Pine Camp, NY

These are the things/people penned onto my Dad's war trophy Nazi flag.

Mg Sqd 3d PLAT --- not sure this is very faint

1. Leo Fowler             – Lisbon Ohio                                           Leo Fowler
2. Gerald H. Petersen – 1013 California Ave. Butte, Montana    Gerald H Petersen
3. Ralph D Olson       – Effie, Minnesota                                     Ralph Olson
4. Edward Swieca      – Groton, Mass.                                         Edward Swieca

1 st Rifle Squad

1. Anthony J Ritch       – Penna.                                                   Anthony J Ritch
2. Scotty Schofield       – Syracuse, N.Y.
3. Pat Flaherty              – 257 E St. So. Boston, Mass.                 Pat Flaherty
4. Robert E. Scharon    - 2928 Grantley Rd. Balto, MD.             Robert E. Scharon Sr.
5. Larry Steubing         – N.Y.
6. Arthur Goquen         – Mass.
7. Charles Harrison      – W. Va.                                                   Charles Harrison ?
8. Glen Byrd                 – Moiss Point, Miss. (Perhaps Moss Point?)
9. Vincent T. Stolarczyk
10. Grover Peffers        – Geneva, N.Y.                                       Grover H. Peffers
11. Anthony J. Dispoto – Lodi, N.J.                                            Anthony J. Dispoto Sr.
12. Cecil L. Bryant – Fort Worth, Texas                                      Cecil Lee Bryant

Co A. 41 st Armd. Inf                                                                  ^
Machine Gun 5AD                                                                       |

Late in life, my dad wondered what became of all these men that rode in his halftrack after the war ended. I've now linked all that I could find on to this page and placed links (via virtual flowers on all their memorial pages) to this page in hopes of finding out more about them and their lives since the service in WW2. Some of those links above are missing and some may be inaccurate but most seem to be pretty reliable. The others may still be living or just haven't been added to findagrave at this point (6/9/2020).

Leave comments below if you know any information about any of the above individuals or even unit information that I may be unaware of.

Thanks to all these brave soldiers for saving the world from the tyranny of the axis powers.

Thursday, May 14, 2020

Old Cagle family photo found

Old family photo found on caption says:
Cagle family taken sometime between 1908 and 1916

My great grandmother at lower right side.

 l-r top row

Maryetta Jane Wofford Cagle  (Levi Cagle's wife)         
Lorinda Jane Cagle Darnell     (great aunt)                    
John Darnell                            (great uncle by marriage)
Francis Marion "Frank" Cagle (great uncle)                   
Fannie Isabelle Cagle Darnell (great aunt)                    
James Edward                        (great uncle by marriage)
Zachariah Taylor Evans          (great uncle by marriage)

l-r bottom row

Levi Cagle                                    (great uncle)               
Martha Elizabeth Wright Cagle    (Frank Cagle's wife        )
Nancy Cagle Garner                    (great aunt)               
Mary Mariah Cagle Edwards        (great aunt)               
Lutisha Cagle Evans                     (great aunt)              
Martha Emeline Carpenter Cagle (great grandmother Cagle)

More photos and interesting links about this generation at:

Wednesday, May 6, 2020

Backup full linux system to remotely mounted archival device (like a jump drive say)

Make a source directory like this on your destination jump drive:

                          +------ auto mount point for my jump drive

login to system to be backed up.

Type a command like this on the system being backed up.

$ sudo rsync -aHAXv / --exclude={"/bak1","/cdrom","/dev","/lost+found","/mnt","/proc","/run","/sys","/tmp"}

Note: you will need a passwordless ssh login credential setup for root access into the destination system.